"18 months ago I was helplessly in severe agony around the abdominal area (bowels, intestine, womb), physically and mentally exhausted and in a very bad state of health. Acupuncture with Helen has changed my life and continues to do so. Never have I met such an inspiring, passionate and knowledgeable person who makes more sense to me than any medical professional I crossed during my illnesses. Western doctors offered long term medication for an inflamed bowel, which was shutting my body down. I decided to use Acupuncture as an alternative as it was working. I leave Helen feeling grounded and balanced. I look forward to every session. I’ve used Acupuncture in the past and don’t believe it was as effective as treatment with Helen".

Aimee B.


"I first met Helen just under 2 years ago, I was recommended to her by a family friend who had been seeing her and getting great results from his treatment. The first time I met Helen I told her all about my health issue. Unfortunately my child birth was quite traumatic and after being under a consultant at a hospital for 2 years at the point of our first meeting, every procedure the consultants had tried to date had failed to work. I found Helen very easy to talk to, approachable, kind, caring and as if I was her only patient. I could see the determination in her and when she said she would try to fix me, I believed she would.

As we started my treatments Helen discussed many others things Acupuncture can cure. I referred my Mum and Aunty for their hot flushes, after 3/4 treatments their symptoms stopped. My husband also had a problem with his knee, which was starting to stop him doing his job as he struggled to kneel down, Helen treated him and completely sorted his knee out. My uncle had sciatica, I sent him to see Helen and she fixed it. My old boss, and two friends have also seen Helen, all have called me after and said how amazing she is. They have all thanked me for suggesting they they see her.

After sticking with Helen and the acupuncture, I noticed the pain from the nerve damage I had was starting to fade. My consultant had discharged me from hospital as ‘un-fixable’ after nearly 3 years or painful procedures. Helen had finally got me to a point where I could say the pain had gone. Helen had fixed me. I will never ever be able to Thank you enough Helen. You changed my life, not just taking away the physical pain but by also being there for me as a support in my hour of need. I would 100% recommend anyone and everyone to see Helen, you won’t be disappointed".

Stacey M.


“A couple years ago I was suffering from a bad back, which cam on very suddenly as a result of me having to do a lot of manual handling in my job as a carer. It was so painful it would make me cry and it hurt all of the time.

The first couple of sessions having acupuncture with Helen would ease the pain but didn't completely get rid of it. I got really worried I would be one of those people that had permanent pain for good.

However, on the third session which i had the needles in me, the pain just went away. Poof! As if by magic. One second it was there and the next it was gone.

To this day it has not returned. I have witnessed first hand being cured of a variety of different pains or ailments from Helen's acupuncture, but I also have spoken to many of Helen's patients who are only too happy to tell me how much she has helped them as well."

Sally M.