About Me


Blossom Acupuncture is part of my journey which started over 11 years ago, after having my daughter, who has a unique chromosome disorder. We weren't given a great lot of guidance and this inspired me to train as a Health Visitor and help other mum's who had children with extra needs. To do this I first had to train as a nurse.


From a very young age I have loved to help people (and animals). While I was nursing I was introduced to Acupuncture and was instantly attracted to the theory of Five Elements, which form one of the foundations of Chinese Medicine.

I had always been interested in science and the universe at large and this Daoist theory offered explanation to the interconnection and mutual dependency of all things, how this manifest both in the cosmos at large, the macrocosm and also within us, the microcosm. Chinese Medicine uses this knowledge to identify imbalances within the patient and apply acupuncture needles to stimulate the body’s natural healing response and reinstate balance.

I really resonated with how this ancient medicine looked at a person as it looked at the world; a complete and whole organism working together, becoming more than the sum of all its parts. The Chinese Medicine approach viewed people and their sickness in a very integrated, holistic way, with threads running through the seeming distinctions of mind, body and spirit.

During my degree at The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, I also became a student of Damo Mitchell, Head of Lotus Nei Gong, a Daoist Arts school.  Here, I continue to expand my knowledge and have nearly completed a three year diploma in Classical Chinese Medicine, revisiting the foundations as well as uncovering aspects of the art which have been lost in its transmigration to the western world.

I also practice and study Nei Gong and Taiji with the school. This allows me to develop my own Qi and keep myself healthy, in order that I can give the best possible treatments. It also expands my own experiential understanding of the interconnection of mind, body and spirit.

 Today, I continue to be in awe of Chinese Medicine. It has given me a map, or reference, with which to view the world as well as a tool, to be able to treat patients hands on and more closely assist in their healing. It is also immensely satisfying and humbling when the application of acupuncture has immediate results. On a personal level, it has been invaluable when treating my daughter during an epileptic seizure, giving me the gift of being able to alleviate a seizure mid-flow, within moments of the needles being applied.

Aside from Chinese Medicine and Science, I am a huge animal love and at home I have a border collie rescue nut, a yorkie pup and three cats. I also enjoy reading, yoga and exploring the nature of life

I am registered with the British Acupuncture Council and comply with the Council’s Codes of Safe Practice and Professional Conduct. Membership also assures I am covered by liability insurance.