Prices and Information


What to expect

During your first appointment we will discuss your main health complaint(s) and I will ask a wide range of questions covering your health history, personal history and the physiology systems of the body.

Some of the questions may not seem obviously linked to your main complaint, but acupuncture looks at the person as a whole and takes all of its parts into consideration in order to establish the best course of treatment. Chinese Medicine not only seeks to treat the physical part of a person but also realises the intricate connection between the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

At each treatment I shall also take your pulse and examine your tongue. These are used as a means of assessment and diagnostics.

The information gathered allows me to form a diagnosis and create an individualised treatment plan. All people are not built the same and even though they may suffer with the same illness, they can experience it differently. Through acupuncture I seek to treat the individual and not just the disease.

It is helpful to pay attention to any improvements or changes which you have experienced since your previous treatment, this may be in your physical symptoms, your emotion state or general feeling of wellbeing. 


How often should I come for treatment?

The effects of Acupuncture can be felt immediately but also has an accumulative effect. Therefore, although regularity of treatment does depend on the nature of the complaint, as a general rule I would suggest having treatment once a week for a minimum of four weeks. Depending on how progression develops fortnightly appointments may then be more suitable. For general upkeep of health I would suggest coming every four to six weeks. 


What should I wear?

It is best to wear loose clothing so that the body can be easily accessed. Gowns are also available, if required.


Does it hurt?

The insertion of the needle is usually painless although you will experience a sensation of Qi and this is a personal experience. For me, I feel this as an achy buzz while others report feeling heat, or tingling, or numbness. One of my patient’s described it as “a bubble being popped”.


Preparing for a treatment

It is advisable not to come for treatment on the same day you have had bloods take for medical purposes or donated blood. Make sure you have eaten properly through the day and are properly hydrated. It is best to avoid coffee and alcohol as these can change your pulses.

Locations and Opening Hours

I currently run my clinic from a lovely log cabin at my home in North Common, South Glos;

Monday: 2pm to 8pm
Tuesday: 2pm to 8pm
Thursday: 2pm to 8pm

I do also offer some Friday evening appointments.


Prices and Payment

The price of a treatment is £35 and each session lasts 50 - 60 minutes. I do offer a small concession for those who are retired, on benefits or students.

I am self-employed and so if an appointment is missed or cancelled last minute, it means I don’t get paid. If you miss an appointment or cancel with short notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee of £20.

My preferred payment method is cash.